Saturday, October 9, 2010

Running Strong

Well a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Nate and I went down to the St. George marathon last weekend! On the way we stopped at my sisters house and had a "Fall Kick Off!" Being the daughters of our mother we can't help it but love the fall season. My sisters house was decorated sooo cute! She had pumpkins, scarecrows and the chilli she made was amazing!!! We had a pumpkin carving contest and a doughnut eating contest! (not to mention carmel apples that were soo good!) It was a blast! We always have so much fun when we visit them. She is such a cute pregnant girl and I can't wait to meet the baby! We then proceeded on to the marathon where Nate and my step-dad Steven were pumped and ready to run!
Though the events that took place the day of the marathon were not what we expected I have never been more proud of my husband in my life. Nate and Steve found themselves more than just a little sick when they came to mile 22 and 23. Nate had had a fever the night before as well as the flu, but kept it to himself and acted as if he was healthy as a horse. When 5:30am rolled around the next morning they were off to the race! To make a long story short, Nate ended up not being able to finish when they stripped his number off his shirt at mile 22, assuring him he was too sick to finish. As Nate and I waited to see when Steve finished, we got a call saying that he was very dehydrated and had to be taken out of the race at mile 23! He was then taken to the hospital! He got an iv and soon felt a great deal better. After recouperating, we all went out for a nice dinner at Cracker Barrell. We ended up having a pretty fun night! It was a pretty hard weekend for our husbands, but like I said I have never been more proud. I don't know anybody that could run 22 miles in 2hrs and 11mins feeling the way Nate was feeling. He pushed through as far as he could and he already can't wait for next year where he plans on taking top 5! Yes, I definitely married a winner!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We've Only Just Begun...

Well Nate and I have been married for one year and one month! It has been the best ride of our life! We have already been through some pretty amazing experiences! To catch everyone up here is a little break down of what has been going on the past year of our marriage...
August 22nd 2009, Best day ever!
We moved into our first apartment in Rexburg which was tiny, but so fun because it was our first place together! Soon after we celebrated our first Halloween together with my two brothers- Chad and Taylor. Chad was captain hook, Taylor was smee, Nate peter pan, and I was wendy! It was a blast! We had snacks and scary movies...followed by more snacks! We then came upon Thanksgiving which of course took place in the wonderful town of Placerville, California. It was Nate's first time with the Morris clan and it was so much fun! We went to Apple Hill, San Fransisco, Main Street, the Gothic Rose Antique Shop, The Carry House Hotel, and so many more places. The family was great, the food was amazing and it was definitely a time to remember. We then were able to celebrate our first Christmas together. We spent Christmas Eve with Nates family and it was so much fun! Becoming a Clayson meant that at evey family function there was going to be mass amounts of food...I had no problem with this! It is always so much fun when we all get together! I love his family. Then Nate and I had our own Christmas day, just the two of us. We were able to open more gifts than we could ever imagine when a secret santa left a basket full of presents on our door step! It was such a great surprise and really made our Christmas.
                                                     Our first Halloween!..."Shmeee!!!"

We then headed to California to see my family for New Years! We had a blast! Del Taco, Bakers, Corona Burger, IN-N-OUT, Miguels Jr....and of course all of the family! :) To make a long story short we had one last semester of school together at BYU-Idaho. It was the most challenging semester of my life and I would not wish the schedule I had upon anyone! But I did graduate in April with a BS in Communications! It was a great feeling. Soon after Nate ran in the Provo half marathon and won 2nd place! He won $100 and he ran it in 1hr and 16 mins! I was soo proud of him! It was snowing and raining that day, but he still managed to win! I have learned that he is a great runner and will definitely do great things with his life. I love him!
Now Nate and I are living in Shelley, Idaho and Nate is attending his last semester. He has some pretty tough classes, but he is doing great as usual. After this semester he will have a BS in Excersise Physiology. We will then head over to Boise so he can get his masters in Health Science. We are very happy and are still very much in the "honeymoon stage." We are now looking forward to the Saint George marathon which will take place next saturday!!! October 2nd! He will also be running with my step-dad Steven! He has been training for a while and ran this same marathon last year in a record time of 3hrs and 57 mins! We were soo proud of him! Nate has been training for this since July and I know he will do amazing! I bought him new running shoes and he is all set! We are also looking forward to the fall season of Halloween! I already have my house decorated and the candy corn is on the table! Life is good. :)